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Hi Mum!

BDG Custom Parts took the ultimate supercharger technology and applied it to the Valkyrie. The Stage I development program has shown a 50% power increase at the rear wheel for Australian Valkyries. This is with no other engine modification to the bike at all.

Stage II development continued with the introduction of EFI technology. Whilst the stage I mods deliver around 8 lbs of boost, the blower is capable of delivering at least 25 lbs of boost.

The Stage 2 kit is available on a custom order basis and comes complete with everything required to install it onto your bike. This includes the supercharger, brackets, belts, pullies, hoses, filters, carburettor, fans, etc. See the kit below.

For American customers contact Viking Motorcycles, Phone 1-877-867-0784 or clicking on the logo below.

Retail Pricing
Stage I kit, ready for install:
    AUD$22,100.00 (Australian customers, add 10% GST)

International customers (non USA) can convert this amount into their local currency by clicking here. USA customers should visit Viking Motorcycles.

The Kit!

Stage I kit shown above. Note kit contents subject to change and improvements without notice.

To order this product, please vist our order page.

For more information please contact us.