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Billet Risers

Custom Licence Plate Surrounds for your ride. To suit truck, car, or motorcycle standard size Australian Plates. Manufactured from billet aluminium.

Retail Pricing
Standard Automotive Plate (375mm x 134mm):
    Plain, or standard message: AUD$124.00 (Australian customers, add 10% GST)
    Custom Text message: AUD$182.00 (Australian customers, add 10% GST)

Available with various logos including Chev Holden Ford WRX Nissan Toyota Fast4 HSV BDG Street Machine BDG Custom Parts Yamaha Suzuki Triumph Harley Davidson Ducatti Porsche DB9 BMW Audi contact us.

International customers can convert this amount into their local currency by clicking here.

BDG Surround
BDG Surround
BDG Surround

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