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Twin Roller

Based on F1 technology, this twin roller throttle body provides the ultimate in high flow and compact size for use with supercharged and other high horsepower, high flow applications. The twin roller design gives a very progressive feel to the unit and helps control high horsepower engines. The air flow region is completely unobstructed when the throttle is fully open.

The unit as shown comes with a TPS, but also includes provision for a supercharger bypass valve, idle control motor, vacuum ports, etc. It will bolt straight to the back of an SRM twin screw supercharger, as shown below.

Racers Pricing
Throttle Body, with TPS, ready for install:
    AUD$2750.00 (Australian customers, add 10% GST)

International customers can convert this amount into their local currency by clicking here.

Twin Roller
Twin Roller

Throttle body shown as part of an SRM supercharger installation on a 4.0 litre Ford 6 cylinder engine developing 500 HP at the rear axles!

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