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Racing Parts

BDG Custom Parts offers a range of standard and custom billet components for the motorsport industry. Our standard range is indicated in the menu at left and an example of one of our custom jobs is shown below. BDG has the expertise and tools to solve the toughest performance problems and build the best money can buy.

BDG designed and built the crankcase, barrels, and sump (and lightened the sprockets!) for the fastest top fuel bike in Australia, Jay Upton's 'The Edge'. All of these parts were machined from Aerospace quality billet Hokotol (~7050) aluminium alloy.

Jay Upton and bike Upton's crankcase
Upton's crankcase Upton's custom barrels
BDG custom sprockets Custom aluminium crankcase

If you want to perform at the elite level of motorsport and need parts custom designed and manufactured to suit your requirements, please contact us.

Alternatively, refer to the menu for our standard product range.

To order any of our products, please vist our order page. BDG also manufactures performance parts for engine builders to brand and on sell. If you have developed a part the market needs, BDG may be able to produce it for you.

For more information please contact us.