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Billet Conrods

Shown here are some links to our customer sites, as well as some pictures of our gear as used by our customers.


Jay Upton's Top Fuel Promotion
Jay uses a range of custom BDG products, including custom billet engine cases, custom billet barrels, custom lightened clutch assembly, custom sprockets. Click here to vist Jay's Site.


Viking Motorcycle
Viking are our US agent for the Valkyrie Supercharger Kit. Click here to vist Viking's Site.


Skyworx Aviation
Rob Stevenson's Suzuki wears a custom front wheel from BDG.


Erin Healey's Dragster
Erin is running BDG Billet Conrods in his big block Chev.


Neil Anderson's Customline
Neil's Donovon powered Customline has a set of custom billet roller rockers built by BDG Custom Parts.

With thanks to for some of the photos shown.

BDG Custom Parts is also listed with The Performance Marketplace.

For more information please contact us.