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SR20 Girdle

For high boost and high power SR20 engines making 500hp to over 1100hp you have to have a strong bottom end. The BDG SR20 girdle ties the bottom end of the block together to help stop main bearing cap walking. Used by top level drag racers and drifters making insane power. Machined from a single piece of aerospace grade billet 6061-T6 aluminium alloy. These girdles must be fitted by professional engine builders. Sure you can make power by just winding up the boost, but if its going to stay together you need to get your bottom end in order. These girdles should only be used on elite engines with ballanced and cc'd pistons, ballanced high performance rods and high performance crankshafts. Not appropriate for daily drivers.

Retail Pricing
SR20 Girdle:
    : AUD$1100.00 (Australian customers, add 10% GST)

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BDG SR20 Girdle
BDG SR20 Girdle

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