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Dry Sump Oil Pump

BDG dry sump oil pumps offer excellent performance, service and value. By sucking the air out of the crankcase the internal pumping losses of the engine are dramatically reduced, freeing up more power to the flywheel. One of our customers went from 501 to 531hp on the same dyno on the same day just by swapping a competitors 4 stage pump for one of ours. Of course we cant guarantee that sort of performance but there is more to dry sumping than just keeping the oil supply to the main bearings. Dry sumping is one of the few ways to reduce internal engine lossess and make free power. If you have done everything else and still need more power then dry sumping and sealing the engine might be the best way to make it. They come in up to 6 stages (standard), and are available as flange or bracket mount. They feature steel/bronze gears, 4140 shafts, have internal manifolding, adjustable pressure relief, and are o-ring sealed to ensure leak free operation.

BDG dry sump oil pumps are available with built in female -10 or male -12 or -16 SAE port adaptors at no extra charge. See pump shown below for an example. BDG can also do smooth bore ports to suit direct mounting to sumps.

All housing parts are manufactured from high quality 6061-T6 aluminium alloy. Current fashion is to leave the bare aluminium machined finish. Pumps can be annodised as shown below to virtually any colour at a small additional cost. The pump was designed by aerospace engineers to ensure efficient operation and light weight. BDG pumps are the lightest in their class!

Standard gears are 40mm diameter and 30 or 35mm wide. At additional charge gears at 25mm and 50mm width are available. A large number of bracket shapes are available ex stock although 90% of applications use a standard pivot bolt and adjustment arc slot. Flange mount pumps suit the industry standard 3 bolt and 4 bolt mount patterns.

All standard pumps can be fitted with rear accessory drive adapters to drive power steering or mechanical fuel injection pumps.
BDG carries a range of 8mm HTD pulleys. BDG pumps are normally driven at half engine speed or set up to drive at a maximum pump speed of 4500 rpm at full engine speed.

Typical installations could include engines in the following capacities and applications
1000cc 1500 cc 1600cc 2000cc 2500cc 3000cc 3500cc 4000cc 5000cc 1litre 1.5litre 1.6litre 1.8litre 2litre 2.5litre 3litre 4 litre 5litre 350chev 350 Chev 351 Ford Holden 5l Ford XR6Turbo XR6 Turbo Rally Litre class Late Model Sprintcar Jet Sprint Boat Ski Boat Race Boat 400 500 600cuin 600 cubic inch cu Door Slammer Top Bike AA Top Fuel drag car circuit car Konica series V8 Supercar Formula 3000 Lotus Super 7 Maza Rotary Nissan RB25 RB30 Holden 202 kit car twin turbo Lexus supercharged 454 Toyota 4AGE Lexus V8 Rover V8 Rover3500 Gen3 Gen4 LS1 LS6 Monaro HSV Ute BAE FPV SAE Harrop Kostecki KEC Kendrick Sodemo Renault TC2000 (Trademarks are of the respective owners)

Product Range Sample
4 Stage Pump setup for SB Chev
5 Stage Pump Misc Parts
4 Stage Pump setup for SB Chev with Built In Port Adaptors
Typical Dry Sump Plumbing Schematic Diagram
Toyota 4AGE installation by Meridian Motor Sport
1 Stage Pump with Pulley
3 Stage Pump with Male Ports
4 Stage Pump with Male Ports
Skip Jackson Sprint Car- Dave Hill Photo
Big Block Supercharged Race Boat
Yellow Boat Small Block

Racer Pricing

Stages Price (AUD)
1 Stage $907.00 + GST
2 Stage $1127.00 + GST
3 Stage $1,380.00 + GST
4 Stage $1,655.00 + GST
5 Stage $1,8860.00 + GST
6 Stage $2116.00 + GST

The above price list is in Australian dollars. Australians will need to add 10% GST. International customers can convert these amounts into their local currency by clicking here.

To order one of these products, please vist our order page.

To view or download PDF technical information on these products:
Drysump White Paper 81kb
Instruction Manual 93kb
Drawing of Standard Brackets A3 scale1:1 203kb
Drawing of Standard Brackets A4 reduced 103kb
Oil Pump Catalogue 1 Stage Left 140kb
Oil Pump Catalogue 2 Stage Left 150kb
Oil Pump Catalogue 3 Stage Left 190kb
Oil Pump Catalogue 4 Stage Left 198kb
Oil Pump Catalogue 5 Stage Left 183kb
Oil Pump Catalogue Rear Accessory Drive Adapter 215kb
Holden 5Litre 308 Pump Drive Kit 167kb
Holden 5Litre 308 Pump Mount Kit 118kb

Competitors to BDG pumps include Barnes Peterson Morroso Stock Car Products stockcarproducts Auto Verdi AutoVerdi Jones Johnson Weiss Weis Wiss Wiess AutoVerti Barns Barens Pace

For more information or to get a picture of your BDG pump installation or race car onto our website please contact us.