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Billet Conrods

BDG produce billet aluminium CNC rods for use in custom engine applications where other 'off the shelf' rods are not easily available. The rods are made to your specifications, in any size you desire. Our rods are manaufactured from aerospace grade Aluminium Alloys, with tensile stress allowables comparable to 7075-T6, but with a much improved fatigue performance.

Our rods also feature our unique pat' pending "BDG Grip" mating faces which improve cap location and reduce fretting in the big end joint. Also, particular attention to detail is paid during manufacture to ensure that there are no stress raisers introduced onto our rods.

Racers Pricing
A custom set of rods, complete with ARP bolts, ready for install:
    AUD$320.00 per rod (Australian customers, add 10% GST)

International customers can convert this amount into their local currency by clicking here.

On ordering a set of custom rods, an order form will be sent to you showing what information we require to build your custom rod set. If you can't answer all the questions, we can help you.

SB Chev Conrods

Why Billet?
Whilst forged rods have been successful, it must be remembered that the forging process can introduce micro flaws that did not exist in the parent billet. Thus using a an inclusion free and porosity free material such as our premium Aerospace grades of aluminium alloy is the only way to guarentee the production quality.

Forged rods are also constrained by the shape of the forging blank, and this limits the extent to which a rod can be customised and optimised for any application.

Therefore our billet rods are the only solution for the production of high quality, high reliability, high value rods for your custom engine.

To order one of these products, please vist our order page.

For more information please contact us.