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BDG Custom Parts provides an exceptional Research, Development, & Production facility with:

  Engineers on staff.

  3D computer aided design (CAD) modelling capabilities using Pro/Engineer, one of the world's most sophisticated CAD software packages.

  Computerised product tesing including structural and motion analysis.

  Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling, all in house.

BDG designs and manufactures to automation, mining, aerospace, offshore and racing requirements, ranging from custom billet parts through to complex weldments.

BDG Custom Parts is more than just a parts manufacturer. We are capable of inhouse design to help you produce the best parts for your requirements. Shown below is the process we typically follow.

The Development Cycle

People come to BDG Custom Parts in search of help to develop their ideas or designs into products. This page explains the development cycle, or process through which a new idea proceeds from initial concept through to production.

Preliminary Design

We can work with concepts at any level to begin the design cycle.

Three Dimensional CAD Modelling

We start by creating a 'virtual prototype' on a computer, in order to capture your design. This allows us to see and test products without costly manufacturing, saving you time and money.

Stress Analysis

Structural or motion analysis can be performed to ensure the integrity of the design.

Technical Drawing

Once the CAD model is finalised, technical drawings can be quickly produced to facilitate design verification, as well as providing a reference for quality control.

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Machining

The 3D CAD model can be used directly for CNC toolpath generation. This saves time and ensures consistency between the design and the produced part. The tool path is downloaded directly to our on-site CNC machines.

The Finished Product

The end product of the development process, ready for use. Our products are all quality controlled, so you can be sure they will fit first time.

Product in Use

Another satisfied customer using reliable, quality BDG products. Let us tell a similar story about your products!

23 Laurence Rd

Phone 08 9293 4020

BDG Custom parts is a division of By Design Group Pty. Ltd.

For more information please contact us.