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BDG News

      Feb 2011

BDG moves to 23 Laurence Rd

BDG has moved to bigger and better premises. In addition to a lot more space, our workshop has a 3 ton overhead crane across a main bay of 15m x 36m. BDG has in house design, CNC milling & turning, fabrication, sheetmetal working and specialised surface finishing such as bead blasting and vibratory polishing. With 810m2 ( 8500ft2 ) of workshop space, BDG can accomodate mid size engineering projects, prototype development and efficient production.


BDG Custom Parts Launches NEW SITE

This web site was revised on 15 Feb 2011 to show our current product range and capabilities. Please review if you would like to learn more about how BDG can assist you.

For more information please contact us.